At G2 Integrated Solutions, we believe our industry is going through an important transformation, where safety focus is more and more relevant, knowledge transfer is critical and practical applications of industry accepted standards and process is paramount. Delivering content through multiple digital platforms in an accurate and simple way is a fundamental capability to enable industries to evolve at the speed of technology and to be in tune with all the generations, especially the ones starting their journey in the work place.

This is why we have launched the “What’s in the Pipe?” YouTube channel. Through this new content delivery platform, we invite customers, industry association leaders, subject matter experts and service providers to join us and share best practices, success stories and other topics of interests and to encourage open discussions to help improve the safety, reliability and performance of the energy industry.

The YouTube channel consists of very concise, informative videos with recognized pipeline industry experts and thought leaders. The short videos bring key actionable insights and practical experiences to all industry members, from junior engineers to senior professionals.


it’s under control.