record processing software

Still have archives of records in paper form?

Go digital and operate miles ahead of your competition with VeriPipe. In the Integrity Verification Process (IVP) race, the value and power of VeriPipe’s concentrated records management puts you in the driver’s seat by reconstructing the digital life history of your pipeline assets. VeriPipe automates records-based design pressure calculations, and confirmation of MAOP/MOP via dynamic temporal segmentation of critical pipeline records.


  • Identify anomalous records and records gaps.
  • Review for integrity verification (IVP process). Overlay records in an automated process to create a segmented report showing material and component changes and historical dates as you advance along the pipeline.
  • Address specific pipeline data attributes from various sources.
  • Process data for load into O&M/PIMS systems/UPDM-APR/PODS.


VeriPipe provides a more accurate picture of your assets: by improving the customer jobs for the Excel-dependent user story, where engineers seek dynamic reporting on pipeline records information, it allows access to a larger population of consumable data. Data processed by VeriPipe is then ready for segmentation or gap analysis. The platform provides a snapshot of your pipeline in outputs that reference your GIS centerline information, letting you assess trends and perform actionable reporting.

  • Data Governance: Ensure accuracy, completeness and attainment of validation objectives, while providing business intelligence across the organization.
  • Uniform Data Visibility: Centralize all information and data.
  • Trends and Actionable Reporting
  • Historical Archival Tool (Time Machine): Look at the state of the pipeline system at any point in time.
  • Accessible to Anyone: Enter records information as it appears, without added calculation or manipulation.

Digital Records Conversion

  • Translates paper records to a managed digital format with metadata
  • Achieves TVC records status
  • A simple interface to review and analyze records in any order
  • Keeps current and historical records readily available

Record-Centric Application

  • No longer use silos of data with scattered records across multiple departments
  • Centralized location for all data
  • Can compare and reference back to origin

Optimize Record & Asset Management

  • Creating a more accurate picture of pipeline infrastructure
  • Improves customer jobs for Excel-dependent users with access to larger population of consumable data
  • Data is processed and prepared for segmentation of gap analysis
  • Snapshot of pipeline referencing GIS centerline information

What is TVC?

Traceable, Verifiable and Complete (TVC) records status has been accepted in practice based on how well a pipeline company can express the narrative around those records. Pipeline operators usually start with alignment sheets, purchase orders and as-built records, but these are not necessarily deemed the best quality sources of information.

To be TVC, you must assess a multitude of records. VeriPipe allows you to do just that. No matter how many record types you put into it, VeriPipe helps you extract the critical data from these records to compose a full story of your assets.

Who Benefits?

VPs of Operations

desiring comprehensive overview of the current state of their pipeline assets

Compliance Managers

initiating digital records conversion as part of a regulatory response or due to high population of paper/static records in backlog

Integrity Directors

seeking to obtain TVC records status

GIS Managers

looking to trace feature data back to its origin source or view data and segment in ArcGIS from processed records sources like VeriPipe

Excel-Dependent Users

stuck using Excel and other manual methods to integrate information

Infographic on Veripipe's uses

In the Integrity Verification Process (IVP) race, the value and power of VeriPipe’s concentrated records management puts you in the driver’s seat by reconstructing the digital life history of your pipeline assets. If you need more convincing that Veripipe is a must have for the management of critical pipeline records, download this infographic on what it can do.
  • How is VeriPipe accessed?
  • Will Veripipe integrate directly with my Esri ArcGIS platform?
  • How does Veripipe deal with records from different generations or epochs of the asset?
Download the Infographic