Tailoring customized data to improve quality and timeliness of pipeline information managed.

G2 Integrated Solutions reporting and data analysis tools utilize GIS data stored in industry standard pipeline data models such as the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS™) and the ArcGIS® Pipeline Data Model (APDM™) as well as non-standard data models.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Entirely customizable data
  • Standard industry models
  • Our set of Esri® ArcMap Extensions™ including the following reporting and data analysis tools:
    • TurboRoute™
      Generate alignment sheets using pipeline GIS implementations
    • Gas HCA™
      Perform key analyses of both transmission and regulated gathering pipelines
    • Liquid HCA
      • Eagle’s PROFHT™ (Pipeline Release, Overland Flow and Hydrographic Transport)
        Analyze liquid product release trajectories and determine potential impacts to High Consequence Areas (HCAs)
      • EFRD™ Placement Tool (Emergency Flow Restriction Device)
        Model and evaluate existing emergency flow restriction devices and identify potential new locations
    • GeoProcessing Toolkit™ (GPT)
      Design and run complex tasks and upload data to APDM™, PODS™ or non-standard geo-based data models
    • EaglePy™
      Enables advanced linear referencing and complex dynamic segmentation
    • EaglePy QC™