Creating easy and straightforward methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing pipeline data with mobile inspection applications.

G2 Integrated Solutions offers custom and off-the-shelf mobile inspection applications that help our partners capture important pipeline data anytime, anywhere and integrate it in ways that makes the clipboard obsolete.

We design tailored software that supports your unique business processes. This might include digitizing materials like inspection manuals so you can reference information easily from a mobile device such as a tablet. We use our own technology expertise to build mobile solutions for ourselves, helping us constantly advance our fieldwork.

G2-IS delivers:

  • A digital option that efficiently handles things currently accomplished on clipboards, including:
    • GPS field collection
    • Field reports
    • Plan reviews
    • As-built reviews
    • Safety forms
    • Inspection forms
    • Environmental forms
  • An easy and straightforward way to collect, store, analyze and apply comprehensive pipeline data across the entire organization
  • Integration with other existing customer applications (such as web)
  • A nimble team of developers who can quickly respond to unique customer situations
  • Technological expertise in the design, construction and hosting of customized and scalable mobile data collection applications for the needs of the energy industry
  • Depth of services including:
    • Data design and modeling
    • Workflow analysis
    • Reporting
    • Dashboarding