Detailing the constantly evolving pipeline information to our partners through multiple data management tools.

G2 Integrated Solutions Data Management Tools are designed to help customers build, edit, manage and deploy a Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS™) Relational™, PODS for Esri® Spatial or ArcGIS® Pipeline Data Model (APDM™) database, data calibrator, ArcToolbox

G2-IS delivers:

  • Current industry data models
  • Applications for both Desktop™ and ArcGIS® for Server™ including the following pipeline data management tools:
    • Esri® ArcMap Extensions
      • Data Loader
        Bulk load centerline and event data from external sources
      • Line Maintenance
        Perform complex centerline maintenance operations on a pipeline system
      • Event Maintenance
        Create and manage key pipeline features in a geodatabase
      • Control Point Editor
        Create and manage pipeline control point features in a geodatabase
      • APDM™ Explorer
        Navigate and explore pipeline data stored in a geodatabase
    • Data Calibrator™
      Calibrate non-stationed pipeline inline inspection and above ground survey data to a GIS pipeline centerline
    • ArcToolbox™
      Automates the loading of data into APDM™ or PODS Esri Spatial™ geodatabases and provides configurable access to PDMT tools to build data management workflows

      • DMT Data Loader ArcToolbox
        Bulk load control points, events and objects and populate relationship classes
      • PDMT Line Maintenance ArcToolbox (Coming Soon)
        Perform complex maintenance operations on a pipeline centerline