Delivering comprehensive training courses to make sure your teams are ready in case of emergency and prepared to face daily challenges.


There are many “one-size-fits-all” pipeline safety regulatory training courses. The problem is that no two pipeline systems are exactly the same. G2 Integrated Solutions customizes training to specific pipeline systems, level of student expertise and time allotted.

Incidence Response

For a pipeline operator, an incident of any kind is undesirable. From a major pipeline explosion to a minor incident like a small unintended release, G2-IS provides first-response and follow-up response services to help customers systematically address the issue and restore service in a timely manner.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Years of experience as both pipeline regulators and pipeline operators, allowing us to tailor each course to the specific needs of each situation
  • Comprehensive training courses—from a simple introduction to pipelines to a detailed description of complicated regulatory issues such as Control Room Management (CRM) or integrated inspections
  • A breadth and depth of industry expertise providing efficient and cost-effective focused training on specific subject matter
  • Collaboration with environmental and regulatory agencies to identify the best course of action
  • Development of compliance plans and programs to resolve issues and restore service as quickly as possible

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Learn how G2-IS establishes compliance monitoring program and develops framework that reacts to changes in rules and regulations. You’ll also see how we support our partners’ bids to purchase assets, identify key EHS risks and develop initial conclusions on valuation of risks.

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