Energy companies are in constant need of resources with the right mix of experience and skills to support safe and efficient operations.  G2 Integrated Solutions has built a team of dedicated consultants focused on providing Safety and Compliance though program consulting, management and execution. The Client Project Services team is experienced in programs that range from fast high risk to long term scheduled maintenance.

Our Client Project Services consultants join G2-IS with many years of experience in their fields and receive continuous training specific for their roles.  They provide innovative solutions, project execution, business analysis and field assurance. As they are full time G2-IS employees, they are covered by our onboard training, ongoing staff support and staff development.  Lead by dedicated client team leaders, the Client Project Services can work at onsite or remotely and are always passionate about results and safe execution.

Client Project Services Scope:

Our team specializes in the energy sector, which means we understand project lifecycles, dependencies and critical paths.  We support clients in the following main areas:

  • Project Management
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Controllers
  • Business Analysts
  • Public Works Construction Facilitators
  • Agency Public Works Liaisons
  • Contract Specialists & Administrators

G2-IS delivers:

  • Specialized programs to address safety, risk and compliance
  • Development of databases and data architecture
  • Creation, maintenance and delivery of dashboards, data analysis and data visualization
  • Development and delivery of business analysis tools
  • Consulting that delivers on cost savings and safety improvements

See how our regulatory and strategic services can optimize your business.

Learn how G2-IS establishes compliance monitoring program and develops framework that reacts to changes in rules and regulations. You’ll also see how we support our partners’ bids to purchase assets, identify key EHS risks and develop initial conclusions on valuation of risks.

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