Helping our partners make project decisions based on GIS analysis and pipeline mapping.

Through GIS analysis, G2 Integrated Solutions provides customers critical information at the start of a pipeline project, empowering them to make important decisions surrounding route and site selection.

We use a process called dynamic segmentation to pull intersecting layers of data from third party stakeholders (like the government) and the pipeline system itself, creating a precise picture of the pipeline in relation to the bigger context of the surrounding environment. This ensures maximum system performance for the long-term.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Expertise to handle a variety of mapping and analysis needs
  • GIS tools that assist customers in making decisions, such as the optimal path for the line or the best place to put a valve, compressor station or a pumping station
  • Dynamic segmentation analysis for route selection
  • Analyses that include risk determination, regulatory compliance and tax assessments
  • Up-front data that helps customers avoid costly delays and regulatory roadblocks

See how our geospatial systems and services provide complete, traceable and verifiable data.

Learn how G2-IS designs database and services architecture for integrating your GIS system and satisfy all regulatory requirements for integrity management and reporting.

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