Designing database and services architecture for integrating customer GIS systems with other enterprise systems, such as Document or Content Management, One Call, Integrity Management, Reporting Services and Accounting/Financial Systems.

G2 Integrated Solutions provides world-class GIS solutions that deliver accurate and up-to-date pipeline integrity, compliance and business intelligence.

Designed for seamless integration into business processes, our fully customized software solutions effectively satisfy the varied requirements of each individual customer.

We understand “one-size fits all” does not work in real-world pipeline operations. Using a “tools oriented” approach, we design GIS solutions that assist customers in satisfying all regulatory requirements for integrity management and reporting. This provides complete, traceable and verifiable data.

G2-IS is a Gold business partner of Esri®, the world’s largest provider of geographic information systems. This partnership is instrumental in our ability to deliver the right tools to address your specific GIS requirements.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Engineering expertise and services to reinforce GIS development and expertise
  • Solutions that support all pipeline industry data modeling standards in their native format
  • Easy evolution from existing GIS frameworks to innovative, database agnostic platforms
  • End-to-end systems and services for company-wide flow, manipulation, verification and quality management of data and records
  • Expertise in many service areas essential to provide totally integrated solutions
  • A comprehensive software product offering including:
    • Pipeline Data Maintenance Tools (PDMT)
      Build, edit, manage and deploy a Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS™) for Esri® Spatial or ArcGIS® Pipeline Data Model (APDM™) database

      • PDMT Esri® ArcMap Extension Toolbars
        • Data Loader
          Bulk load centerline and event data from external sources
        • Line Maintenance
          Perform complex centerline maintenance operations on a pipeline system
        • Event Maintenance
          Create and manage key pipeline features in a geodatabase
        • Control Point Editor
          Create and manage pipeline control point features in a geodatabase
        • PDMT Explorer
          Navigate and explore pipeline data stored in a database
      • Calibrator Toolbox
        Calibrate non-stationed pipeline inline inspection and above ground survey data to a GIS pipeline centerline
      • PDMT Esri® ArcToolbox™ Toolboxes
        Automates the loading of data into APDM™ or PODS Esri Spatial™ geodatabases and provides configurable access to PDMT tools to build data management workflows

        • Data Loader Toolbox
          Bulk load control points, events and objects and populate relationship classes
        • Line Maintenance Toolbox
          Perform complex maintenance operations on a pipeline centerline
    • Reporting and Analysis Tools
      Supports standard industry models while offering totally customizable data

        • TurboRoute™
          Generate alignment sheets from almost any pipeline GIS database
        • Gas HCA™
          Perform DOT Class Location and High Consequence Area (HCA) analysis on both natural gas transmission and regulated gas gathering pipelines
        • Hazardous Liquid HCA Analysis
          • PROFHT (Pipeline Release, Overland Flow and Hydrographic Transport) Tool Suite
            Analyze hazardous liquids product release trajectories and determine potential impacts to HCAs
          • EFRD Placement Tool
            Model and evaluate existing Emergency Flow Restriction Device (EFRD) locations and identify potential new EFRD locations
        • EaglePy Toolbox

      Enables advanced linear referencing and complex dynamic segmentation

        • EaglePy QC Toolbox

      Perform complex Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) checks and corrections on data housed in PODS, PODS Spatial and APDM databases

See how our geospatial systems and services provide complete, traceable and verifiable data.

Learn how G2-IS designs database and services architecture for integrating your GIS system and satisfy all regulatory requirements for integrity management and reporting.

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