Providing our partners with detailed, extensive records of their pipeline through mobile and GIS data collection.

Speed and accuracy have replaced the clipboard. Customers can capture and integrate important pipeline data anytime, anywhere with G2 Integrated Solutions mobile data collection technology.

Our mobile data collection solutions utilize a combination of mobile devices, global positioning systems and cameras to capture GPS locations, digital photographs and time stamping. The goal is to provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive record of events.

G2-IS delivers:

  • An easy, comprehensive electronic method of data collection to support:
    • GPS field collection
    • Field reports
    • Plan reviews
    • As-built reviews
    • Safety reporting
    • Inspections
    • Environmental reporting
  • An uncomplicated way to collect, store, analyze and apply all-inclusive pipeline data across the entire organization
  • A nimble team of developers that can quickly respond to unique customer situations
  • Technological expertise in the design, building and hosting of customized and scalable mobile data collection applications tailored to energy operators’ needs

See how our field assurance services can optimize your business.

Learn how G2-IS improves and consolidates its clients’ GIS land base, enabling them to accept GPS data from both internal and external collectors and place it in the system with minimal effort. With accurately mapped facilities, down time is reduced and emergency response planning is much quicker and more accurate.

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