Field assurance team with proficiencies and experience in utility asset management.

The G2 Integrated Solutions field assurance team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in the utility sector. These seasoned professionals have “boots on the ground” experience, earned in the field, doing the work. They know what is required and have the knowledge to accomplish the customer’s goals.

What sets us apart in this area is our integrated approach to field services. G2-IS field assurance team is supported by the technology services team, which develops custom programs and applications that create optimum efficiency and quality for our customers’ operations.

Our engineering, regulatory and GIS expertise also differentiates us in delivering comprehensive, customized field services’ solutions to our customers. This maximizes time, reduces overall project costs and optimizes safety and performance.

G2-IS delivers:

  • An experienced field services team with relevant skills and direct industry knowledge
  • A customized approach that addresses the unique needs and situational requirements of each customer
  • Field services that examine risk and apply tools and technology to ensure quality, efficiency and safety
  • Focused attention on ways to perform services more effectively, resulting in enhanced data
  • Technology, engineering, regulatory and geospatial systems and services that provide the insights needed to deliver totally integrated solutions

See how our field assurance services can optimize your business.

Learn how G2-IS improves and consolidates its clients’ GIS land base, enabling them to accept GPS data from both internal and external collectors and place it in the system with minimal effort. With accurately mapped facilities, down time is reduced and emergency response planning is much quicker and more accurate.

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