Providing engineering and consulting expertise to initiate pipeline design, construction and engineering projects.

G2 Integrated Solutions’ reputation for quality engineering, design and process expertise extends equally to above ground and underground gas, liquid, hydrocarbon and water pipeline projects.

Helping to launch projects, our experienced engineering teams make the hard calculations needed to develop all-inclusive engineering packages that take customers through the Issued for Bid (IFB) and Issued for Construction (IFC) stages of development.

Pipeline Flow Modeling

G2-IS understands that pipeline data is the foundation of informed decision-making. That’s why pipeline flow modeling is a crucial component of any effective GIS solution. We use the information obtained from pipeline flow modeling, reinforced with engineering input, to support liquids HCA analysis and MAOP determinations as well as gain a more complete understanding about what’s going on within the pipeline.

Equipment and Materials Specifications

On the front lines of countless construction projects, our team helps customers identify and prepare initial equipment and material specifications or evaluate existing specification lists. This results in detailed and comprehensive documentation that may be utilized in the construction procurement phase of a project.

Construction Bid Preparation

From Issued for Bid (IFB) drawings and construction execution plans to preliminary project completion schedules, we provide contractors precise specifications to submit a realistic bid. Whether we have provided these services and prepared the associated documents or customers bring us documentation from other sources, we support our customers in developing a comprehensive bid package. G2-IS provides turnkey bid package services, including:

  • Construction bid preparation
  • Conceptual studies and FEED
  • Engineering and design of piping facilities and/or pipelines
  • Generation of equipment, material and construction specifications
  • Establishment of project controls

Procurement Assistance and Logistics

G2-IS specialists understand the bid process and provide expert analysis, helping customers select the bid that best meets their defined needs and expectations. Once a bid is accepted, we handle the procurement of all the identified project resources. Our dedicated team manages all aspects of the procurement process whether it be purchase order generation, requests for quotation, or equipment and materials shipping logistics.

Commissioning and Start-Up Plans

Even before construction is complete, we assist customers in the development of commissioning and start-up plans, ensuring readiness for full-scale production. Comprehensive plans and procedures are outlined for commissioning requirements and start-up of both pipelines and facilities. Available to assist customers on-site, our experts help implement the process from start to finish, assuring customers that once construction is complete, they are ready to launch production.

G2-IS delivers:

  • All-encompassing pipeline engineering and design experience including: Capacity, Conversions/Repurposing (liquid to gas and vice versa), failure analysis, flow reversals, hydraulic analysis, new construction/reconstruction, rehabilitation
  • Data that ensures compliance with demanding and evolving regulations
  • Comprehensive equipment and materials documentation that takes projects through engineering procurement and construction
  • Comprehensive documents that provide a complete and accurate representation of expectations
  • Clear and defined project parameters so contractor bids address identified needs
  • Experienced team that understands all aspects of the bidding and procurement process
  • Support for the purchasing agent to ensure correct paperwork
  • Assistance in writing commissioning and start-up procedures as well as guidance throughout the process
  • Assurance that necessary equipment and processes are in place prior to full-scale production
  • Support from internal geospatial and technology services groups to analyze and load GIS data from the pipeline systems, ensuring everything is ready to go prior to start-up