Helping our partners gain a complete understanding of identified threats and maintaining pipeline integrity by controlling the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.

G2 Integrated Solutions applies a process-based approach to evaluate and quantify risk. Effective strategic decision-making comes when there is a complete understanding of identified threats. Technical data obtained from key analyses and assessments, mitigation plans, and Management of Change (MOC) processes form the foundation for the development and implementation of targeted risk management solutions.

G2-IS supports the successful implementation of a risk management initiative with a depth and breadth of risk management expertise. Our proprietary process leads to resourceful, cost-effective and successful solutions that provides for a smart pipeline integrity management.


G2-IS delivers:

  • Engineered risk models that apply recognized industry standards, guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Seasoned experts in risk management processes to help companies identify threats, mitigate risk and create operational priorities
  • Complementary field services vital to the implementation of mitigation programs
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt customer risk profiles to satisfy specific project parameters
  • Specialized risk programs, such as LOPAs, HAZOPs, to give assurances that your facilities are not exposed to undue risk

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Learn how our action-oriented and results-driven Asset Integrity services can minimize equipment downtime and save our customer's job site productivity and profitability through: Immediate response time, quick parts acquisition minimal downtime, no job site damage…

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