Generating customized and comprehensive integrity asset management programs that meet regulatory data requirements.

Each pipeline facility or pipeline system has its own unique risk profile. G2 Integrated Solutions has the resources to generate comprehensive risk profiles and assist in identifying required documentation to demonstrate regulatory and corporate data compliance.

We can help to provide MAOP/MOP confirmation, data analysis condition reviews, and identify data gaps and suggest mitigation methods to assess risk and support risk management programs.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Data team and software specialized in performing data/documentation reviews for total system compliance
  • Assurance of the accuracy and inclusiveness of data
  • Data that supports the reliability and operability of corporate objectives and targets
  • Customized solutions that meet corporate and regulatory data requirements
  • Comprehensive supporting services to meet identified needs
  • Custom technology applications that support effective risk profile documentation
  • As-Builts/CADD capabilities that satisfy documentation requirements

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