Helping operators increase the value of their in-line inspection investments.

In-Line Inspection

G2-IS offers an array of products and services related to in-line inspection analysis to provide value-added insights, decision-support tools and program-optimization consulting. We evaluate raw in-line inspection data for quality, completeness and plausibility. We can integrate several in-line inspection data sets to provide information on anomalies and to look for threats and their severity.

Our experts make assessments, evaluate data and consult with clients so they receive the thorough, detailed analysis needed to make informed, cost-effective and safe decisions.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Breadth of knowledge of regulatory and industry standards
  • Decades of experience to detect anomalies and determine threats
  • Global and local strain analysis for dents and deformations using data from geometry and mapping ILI tools
  • Calculation of corrosion and crack growth rates, remaining life, re-inspection and reassessment intervals
  • Qualification of in-line inspection survey results according to the API Std 1163, In-Line Inspection Systems Qualification Standard
  • Corrosion comparison and calculation of corrosion growth rates between in-line inspections and between in-line inspections and dig verification results
  • Fitness-for-service assessments and standard calculation methods for corrosion and crack anomalies
  • Detailed data collection, evaluation and analysis customized to your needs

If your pipeline has not been pigged before, G2-IS can assess your asset to determine which modifications are needed to make it piggable.

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