Improving asset longevity and pipeline safety through gap health assessments and monitoring.

G2 Integrated Solutions’ Integrity Management Program (IMP) provides a valuable process to help operators monitor and manage overall asset health. We perform a gap analysis working with your personnel to identify areas (people, programs, procedures) within a customer’s current system.

Our gap analysis is designed to:

  • Review current integrity system for managing pipelines
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current integrity system
  • Compare current integrity system against best-in-class system benchmarks
  • Identify gaps and shortcomings in current integrity system to meet regulatory compliance
  • Identify areas where upgrades will yield significant cost-savings, improved reliability and safer operations.

Our IMP health assessments provide an overview of the effectiveness of the entire program, enabling customers to evaluate how the integrity management program is performing and determine if any adjustments are needed, along with implementation budgets and schedules. We work with operators to develop their integrity metrics in a dash-board layout that enable on-going monitoring of internal programs and processes.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Process-based solutions that integrate people, programs, procedures and technology into a robust and sustainable integrity system.
  • Metrics that support and manage integrity programs
  • Dashboard-style information to monitor compliance with regulatory and corporate data governance programs
  • Assurance that no undue risk is taken without appropriate management review
  • Tie internal processes to planning, work execution and results into a feed-back loop for continuous system improvement

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