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Clear, concise and actionable: successful audit support means determining each operator’s compliance within the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR 191 through 199, as well as identifying compliance gaps to protect operations going forward.

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) provides federal and state audit preparation and support for operators facing inspection of their regulatory programs. G2-IS staff has a thorough understanding of today’s demanding regulatory compliance audit process and protocols.

Understanding ever-changing pipeline industry regulations can often be daunting: it takes experience, focus, and time to navigate today’s complicated regulatory framework while meeting critical deadlines from state and federal agencies.

Our Approach:

The G2-IS team has performed audit inspections on behalf of regulatory agencies and written guidelines for many current regulatory protocols. The team of former federal inspectors and trainers are also available to walk operators through the audit process, serving as an invaluable resource during the inspection process.

G2-IS’ regulatory experts work with clients across the oil and gas industry spectrum – upstream, midstream, downstream, as well as a wide range of utilities with transmission and distribution assets – to help them create compliance strategies and gain an understanding of the audit process. Due to our deep background and years of experience working inside of regulatory agencies, G2-IS experts are valuable resources to have onsite during a regulatory inspection.

According to the specific requirements of a pipeline or facility, the G2-IS team can tailor compliance solutions that meet the needs, size, and characteristics of each operator. The G2-IS staff works to ensure that clients are sufficiently prepared for federal or state inspections by working through applicable compliance and maintenance programs and records to ensure there are no regulatory concerns. If concerns are identified, G2-IS will work with operators to implement and document mitigation strategies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

G2-IS Delivers:

G2-IS’ experts assist operators in directly engaging with federal or state inspection teams to ensure they have the required documentation and records in an efficient and productive manner. This allows onsite inspections to move quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary delays. Key strengths include:

  • Depth of knowledge: Streamline the auditing process, guiding customers with customized compliance strategies.
  • Onsite support: Assist operators before, during, and after audits, providing the specialized knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the entire process, from audit preparation and mock audits to audit response.
  • Thorough evaluation: Provide guidance for all operating processes and procedures, to report any areas of concern and recommend appropriate gap mitigation necessary for compliance.
  • Audit experience: Perform gap analyses of compliance status in all asset phases from design and construction through operations and maintenance.
  • Program review: Compare against the latest PHMSA Inspection Protocols.
  • Regulatory research: Address all regulatory findings, notices of potential violations, and corrective action orders.
  • Code assessment: Determine compliance against the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR 191 to 199 or identification of compliance gaps.
  • Implementation support: Guide mitigation strategies and corrective actions for compliance gaps.