G2 Integrated Solutions’ (G2-IS) regulatory experts provide the support that operators need to maintain safe, reliable, and compliant pipeline programs for 49 CFR 190 through 199 and Subpart 40 regulations. This diverse team assists operators of all sizes with:
  • Assurance that regulatory and corporate governance requirements are met
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of mandated programs
  • Completion of annual program assessments and mandatory report/data submittals
  • Preparation and support for federal and/or state pipeline safety program inspections
  • Advice and guidance focused on the safe and reliable application and implementation of compliance programs in accordance with the pipeline safety regulations

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, it can be challenging to keep up with requirements, update programs and procedures, ensure that employees are well-informed, and adequately document compliance.

G2 Integrated Solutions can provide the guidance needed to ensure that programs remain compliant and that training requirements are met.


See how our regulatory services can optimize your business.

Learn how G2-IS establishes compliance monitoring program and develops framework that reacts to changes in rules and regulations. You’ll also see how we support our partners’ bids to purchase assets, identify key EHS risks and develop initial conclusions on valuation of risks.