Bring the office to the field. Simplify your data collection, manage work, optimize resources, and deliver real-time reporting to enable actionable changes.

work management software

G2-Integrated Solutions’ OPSmanager provides mobile data collection for inspection and maintenance, access to historical and current documents, up-to-date operations manuals and reference materials, and reports in even the most remote places. It equips today’s workforce with a practical solution designed and field tested by asset integrity experts. OPSmanager ensures compliance and long-term data integrity through fast and reliable data collection and workflow management.

From Paper to Digital Optimization

Paper-based field service processes and fragmented digital records hinder internal and external workflows. G2-IS’ OPSmanager optimizes your workflow by converting your paper process and manual processes into digital documents with an automated, user-friendly integrated solutions.

From Field to Office to Field

If your current system is not field friendly, rely on our mobile solution to bridge the gap between field and office.


Performance optimization

Did you know that approximately 7.5% of paper documents get lost? When using a digital work management process, your operators can communicate across business units and external vendors with zero loss of information.
Automated features, such as validated forms and restricted values will prevent submission of incomplete, inaccurate or missing data for required fields, and will ensure the accuracy of your data to decrease the margin of error for analysis and trending. Records compliance data accuracy will also be supported by these efficient features.

Time savings

Companies who have moved to digital have seen over 50% efficiency gains. With less unproductive time and optimized processes, operators can now do more with less: digitally managed process and automated workflows means no more manual deliveries of forms from the field to the office, and reduces processing and data input delays or errors.

Make your audits run more efficiently with instantaneous information. OPSmanager helps your regulatory and compliance experts stay up-to-date with procedures by giving them instant access to records.

Cost Savings

Businesses will realize cost savings through efficiency gained by leveraging one central tool to manage their entire operation. Gaining insight into performance via real-time analysis of data, and access to actionable information, allows realtime operational decision making from the field.

Easy to use and configurable

OPSmanager’s success relies on a best in class user-friendly and responsive web interface associated with a strong set of out-of-the-box and easy to configure functionalities. It is modular and can be customized to individual requirements. Key features include custom forms, document management, scheduling and dispatching, materials management, GIS data integration, and customer interaction data. The API or export mechanism streamlines the process of data exchange with other data sources, systems, and databases

Who Benefits?

Owners / Operators

looking for efficiency workforce optimization and digitizing documentation

Project Managers

configuration for specific workflows

Field Operation Techs

viewing work plans and schedules, submitting work forms, and reviewing approvals

Integrity Managers

needing long-term integrity of data with historical documents, customer interactions, expenses, and reports

Compliance Managers

needing electronic data and accurate reporting readily available for audits