Preventing environmental risk by conducting research and tracking cross bores prior to construction, and addressing legacy cross bore risk.

G2 Integrated Solutions helps our customers to reduce public risk by locating existing cross bores before drilling begins.

Whether implementing complete turnkey programs or executing standalone cross bore services, we provide customers GIS data that is verifiable, traceable, complete and optimized to meet their needs.

What is a Cross Bore?

A cross bore can result when a trench-less (HDD, pneumatic) gas line installation intersects with another utility. G2 Integrated Solutions are experts in helping clients reduce risk and increase safety by locating cross bores before leaks can occur and safety is jeopardized.

The G2-IS Cross Bore Safety Inspection Program is a comprehensive program that leapfrogs current data systems by integrating all the various cross bore data streams into a single place enabling rapid retrieval. Since the data is geospatially indexed, this opens the door to very sophisticated, preemptive analytics.

Program Features

Risk Mitigation

The very high costs of damage to homes, businesses and the public welfare are best prevented by proactively seeking to control known hazards. Aware that the potential for cross bores exists where ever gas assets have been installed using trenchless methods, a conscientious utility operator works toward resolving cross bores before they are discovered accidentally. Cross bore risk mitigation provides a systematic reduction in the extent of exposure to risk and the likelihood of its occurrence.

G2-IS has applied reliable construction management, GIS technological expertise and industry leading software solutions to a comprehensive and exemplary cross bore safety inspection program for gas distribution system risk management. With an extensive understanding of the subject, G2-IS has proven capability to design, implement and manage a customized solution to suit any utility client’s unique situation and preferred level of involvement.

G2-IS has developed a methodology to replicate tried and true procedures for risk reduction and program management within programs tailored for widely dispersed gas utility clients.

In addition to gas, operators of other assets such as electric and telecom derive benefits from cross bore discovery and management principles and methods.

Products and Services

Program Management

  • G2-IS has been providing cross bore services in California, the Northwest and Southwest for the past 5 years.
  • Cross bore field inspectors oversee sub-contractors using lateral launch and pushrod CCTV cameras, and have completed over 83,000 inspections to date.

Complete and auditable records spanning the entire process, from gas records research and monitoring of inspection assignments to sewer inspection status, are managed in GIS.

Cost Management

G2-IS mitigates risks and optimizes results with strong partnerships with water, sewer and energy utilities.

We are continually developing new processes and applications that:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Improve result quality
  • Improve consistency

Crossbore Safety Programs are a complex series of projects built from many relationships, materials requirements and data inputs. Lessons learned are transformed into new methods or process improvements. An understanding of these relationships ensures process consistency within contemporaneous programs and helps to prepare for similar future projects.

G2-IS delivers:

  • Cross bore services available for all utility applications – gas, electric and more
  • Comprehensive cross bore service and support, ranging from complete end-to-end programs to the performance of individualized services
  • Approaches that integrate insights learned through data management, inspection research and records research
  • Customized, cost effective solutions, including:
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) shapefiles and maps that combine attribute tables, linked videos, gas construction records, inspection status and wastewater system data in a searchable archive
    • Tablet (iPad) applications enabling automatic download of field entries into a customized database
    • Automated processes for bulk processing of field data and videos
    • Systematic approach to assigned locations for risk ranking solutions

See how our field assurance services can optimize your business.

Learn how G2-IS improves and consolidates its clients’ GIS land base, enabling them to accept GPS data from both internal and external collectors and place it in the system with minimal effort. With accurately mapped facilities, down time is reduced and emergency response planning is much quicker and more accurate.

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