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High performing organizations perform gap assessments (health checks) to assure themselves that personnel and programs are being executed as planned. Similar to personal health check-ups, these organizations use gap assessments to monitor their processes, identify areas of weaknesses and implement improve plans as integral part of their continuous improvement efforts.

Take this quick survey to give yourself an assessment on your programs, processes, technology to see how your pipeline integrity program fares.

If your organization scored within the 3 inner circles, your integrity programs are probably well below industry average. Absence of incidents cannot be used as the sole criteria whether your pipeline integrity program is robust enough. G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS), one of industry’s leading integrity consultants, has extensive experience in performing health assessment reviews and providing integrity solutions to integrity programs across the globe. Most integrity programs only require adjustments to become fully compliant or to improve it significantly.

Here are some recent examples G2-IS provided in working with the operator:

  • Cost-effective solutions to resolve pipeline hydrotesting data gaps with ECDA programs to meet regulatory compliance (chemical company).
  • An updated risk model using modern algorithms encompassing salt caverns, wells and pipelines (gas transport and distribution company).
  • An integrity inspection programs for their gas distribution and compression stations (foreign gas transport and distribution company).
  • Key 3rd party support of an In-Line Inspection (ILI) program, saving significant amount of downtime and operating expenses (LNG exporter).
  • Reduced the number of High Consequence Areas (HCAs) proximity to drinking water sources (crude oil pipeline company).
  • Integrated views of their data from disparate source into visual displays to better Preventive and Mitigative Measures Meetings (gas transport and distribution company)

Most integrity programs only require some adjustments to become fully compliant or to improve it significantly. Working with you, we can develop implementation plans, along with costs and schedules to take your integrity programs to the next level and beyond.

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