Gas “Mega” Rule Update

Due to the size and complexity of the Gas Rule, it will be released in three parts.  The first part cleared the OMB review process on September 11 and is expected to be published to the Federal Register sometime next week.

The first part of the updated Gas Rule will address Congressional mandates and NTSB recommendations from the 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline rupture, is expected to nearly double the size of 49 CFR Part 192, will include provisions relative to MAOP confirmation/reconfirmation and will expand assessment criteria to newly defined areas known as Moderate Consequence Areas (MCAs).

The second part of the updated Rule will include provisions relative to repair criteria, integrity management, cathodic protection and change management – and will likely be published by year end.  The third part of the Rule will apply to gas gathering pipelines and is expected in early 2020.

Liquid “Mega” Rule Update

The updated Liquid Rule cleared the OMB review process on September 13 and is also expected to be published to the Federal Register soon.

The Rule is intended to address Congressional mandates from the 2011 reauthorization of the Pipeline Safety Act, recommendations from the NTSB report on the 2010 Marshall Michigan oil pipeline rupture and GAO recommendations from 2012 regarding the collection of data from unregulated onshore hazardous liquid pipelines.

If published without substantial changes from the 2015 NPRM, the Rule will include provisions relative to reporting for gathering lines, additional standards for HCA and non-HCA pipelines, requirements for leak detection, additional use of NPMS for public awareness, requirements for post-disaster inspection, and enhanced pipeline repair provisions. 

There are more potential rule changes on the horizon relative to a redefinition of breakout tanks, an expansion of IM requirements, changes to HCA identification criteria, valve spacing and remote controlled valve requirements, and development of SCC standards.

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