Finding suppliers you trust is essential for business success, but given the number of factors that contribute to quality, this can be easier said than done. International standards simplify the vetting process, giving you a clear metric for selecting the best possible companies for the job.

ISO 9001 is particularly valuable for this purpose. In use by over a million organizations across the globe, this standard allows you to assess potential suppliers quickly and comprehensively, laying a solid foundation for success.


ISO 9001 is the most common standard used in the ISO 9000 family, establishing requirements organizations must follow to provide quality service for their customers. 9001 is also the only standard for which third-party certification exists, meaning you don’t have to rely on your supplier’s word to know if they comply. In order to receive certification, an organization must:

• Make a list of all internal departments and define which customers, clients or constituents those departments serve

• Create a consistent standard for documentation, and use it to record all organizational activities

• Anticipate any challenges and problems the company is likely to face, develop proactive solutions, and document how well those solutions work in practice

• Document all employees’ skills and qualifications, including those they learn on the job

• Perform regular audits on all organizational processes to make sure they comply with the principles in the ISO Quality Manual

Once they have obtained ISO 9001 certification, organizations must renew it on a regular basis, typically every 3 years. This encourages all of the program’s participants to uphold quality consistently throughout the lives of their organizations.


In addition to displaying a general commitment to quality, companies with ISO 9001 certification have a number of other advantages, including:

Process & Outcome Consistency– To receive ISO 9001 certification, companies must clearly define all their internal processes. This means they are likely to use the same processes for all the work they do for you, making it easy to know what to expect from them.

Improved Efficiency– Because companies with ISO 9001 certification have to specify the duties of all employees, they are less likely to have redundant personnel, ambiguous roles or other problems that lower productivity or increase costs. This means you can expect them to work more efficiently than their competitors, providing higher levels of service at better prices.

Clear Communication– Establishing a consistent system for documentation means a company is less likely to have miscommunication problems. This increases the probability they will get your order right the first time.

Broad Backgrounds– Because the ISO 9001 standard is used by over a million organizations in 170 countries, companies that comply with it are prepared to do business on a global scale and across multiple industries. This is invaluable if you need a diverse supplier for products or services that you provide in various countries and industries.

G2 Integrated Systems (G2-IS) recently obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification as part of our ongoing effort to provide efficient, effective risk management solutions to our clients. For more information on what sets our services apart, contact us today.