G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) is pleased to announce the launch of Integrated Pipeline Management (IPM), a new solution that provides a comprehensive set of asset integrity, regulatory, and operational services for small and unconventional pipeline operators. IPM has been created to support operators of regulated and non-regulated assets perform safely and efficiently while in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

“G2-IS has a strong legacy portfolio of consulting and technology solutions in the areas of asset integrity, regulatory compliance, geographic information systems, engineering, and field services. Our vast experience and closeness to operators has given us a unique position to understand the wide range of processes for safe pipeline operations” said Mark McQueen, G2-IS Asset Integrity Business Line Manager. “By offering our clients a single point of access to all the aspects of pipeline management, we can support them with critical compliance, safety, and reliability tasks while saving time and costs of adding in-house expertise or dealing with multiple vendors”.

“Our new IPM offering brings pipeline operators all the expertise of a larger organization through a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary and focused consultants. Our clients maintain full control of the operational decision making while allowing them to rely on a trusted partner for the execution of activities that are not core to their business operations,” commented John Kill, Vice-President and General Manager for the Gulf Coast Region of G2-IS. “G2-IS effectively becomes the pipeline department for the operator, not only ensuring compliance and safety requirements are met, but helping operators be proactive and anticipate needs that can allow their assets to perform more efficiently and reliably in the long term.”

Key benefits of the new IPM offering include efficient and timely compliance with state or federal regulations, risk mitigation for minimizing downtime or revenue losses, and customization of services to fit operator size and needs.

About G2 Integrated Solutions

G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) delivers expertise to pipeline operators, utility companies and other energy stakeholders in nine specialized service disciplines — Asset Integrity, Safety Management Systems, Risk Management, Engineering, Geospatial Systems and Services, Regulatory, Field Services, Technology Services and Strategic Consulting. We provide end-to-end solutions that help manage risk, assure compliance and optimize performance.

Our commitment is to implement innovative, cost-effective solutions that align specifically with our customers’ needs. In order to accomplish this, we have built an organization that is robust in talent and experience. G2-IS has offices located in Houston, Texas (Corporate Headquarters), Angleton, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Concord, California.

For more details on the spectrum of services G2-IS offers, please visit our website at www.g2-is.com.