Additional Services:

Delivering results with improved accuracy and efficiency

  • Consistent, reproducible, defendable
  • Reduced processing cycle times
  • Extremely granular understanding of consequence of risk
  • All results stored in a file geodatabase

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) delivers advanced HCA and EFRD analysis, as well as regulatory “could affect” determinations for liquid pipelines in a consistent, reliable, reproducible, and defendable manner.

Understanding the transport and fate of hazardous liquids release plumes in both terrestrial and hydrographic settings is a daunting task. Realistic simulation of such release plumes is mathematically complex and computationally intensive, but necessary to comply with safety and regulatory mandates in an efficient and accurate way.

Our Approach:

G2-IS utilizes the latest proprietary software, the G2-IS Liquids HCA Tool, to provide the most technologically advanced liquids high consequence (HCA) and emergency flow restriction device analysis. The Liquids HCA Tool is powered by GeoClaw, an advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) toolset implementing high-resolution and adaptive finite volume methods for shallow water equations, which was modified to model hydrocarbon flows.

The liquids pipeline integrity management rule requires that operators identify all pipeline segments that “could affect” a high consequence area, “including populated areas, unusually sensitive ecological and drinking water resources, and commercially navigable waterways”. To do this, operators must model the transport of a release plume both overland and in waterways with a high degree of confidence.

G2-IS provides end-to-end liquids HCA services, helping to collect and update all the information required for these analyses. Elements of the service include:

  • Collection of fluid properties and determination of appropriate modeling parameters.
  • Confirmation (or elimination) of existing HCAs and identification of additional HCAs.
  • Creation of Liquids HCA results alignment sheets, reports, and supporting process documents.
  • Performance of EFRD placement analysis.
  • Vapor cloud dispersion (VCD) analysis using CANARY by Quest®.
  • Preparation of detailed, dynamically-segmented consequence results for use in risk modeling.
  • Performance of the complete Liquids HCA analysis as a service, including HCA alignment sheets, if requested.
G2-IS Delivers:

G2-IS delivers geospatial features in a file geodatabase which is easily exported into tabular formats, and readily imported into a GIS database. Main deliverables include:

  • Drain down analysis: including network topology for contributions from connected lines
  • Comprehensive hydrographic transport water velocity analysis
  • Modeling of hydrographic transport into and through waterbodies
  • Product fate and fluid loss calculations
    • Evaporation (Liquids and HVLs)
    • Infiltration (normally set to zero (0) for maximum volume transport)
    • Adhesion
    • Shoreline and slick losses
  • Comprehensive results dataset generated for Integrity Management Planning
  • Independent land and water emergency response times