Additional Services:

GIS enterprise management ensures:

  • Fast, easy access to the same data across all platforms for all named users.
  • Edits made in the geodatabase to the published data automatically synchronized to any ArcGIS Enterprise map or app
  • Collection of data offline without missing information

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) works closely with operators to ensure ArcGIS Enterprise efforts result in GIS solutions that function in real-world situations. The final ArcGIS Enterprise setup must operate in conjunction with operational and technical environments and security policies.

Pipeline operations relying on geographical information systems (GIS) need to make geospatial data accessible to all key stakeholders outside the GIS department, ensuring safe, secure, timely, accurate decision-making across the company.

Our Approach:

GIS Management services at G2-IS cover ArcGIS Enterprise solutions and custom software set-up as well as enterprise hosting to help make GIS data:

  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to Collect
  • Easy to view, validate and edit
  • Easy to synchronize digital applications with the database

Today’s ArcGIS Enterprise is composed of four Esri software components: ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, ArcGIS Datastore, and ArcGIS Web Adaptors. These applications, in conjunction with an in-house GIS database, allow data to be accessed on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both environments. GIS data published to the ArcGIS Enterprise is accessible through Esri Desktop and Esri Apps and can be configured with Esri APIs.

In addition to setting up ArcGIS Enterprise within the client environment, G2-IS can host the ArcGIS Enterprise environment in a secure data center operated directly by G2-IS. This allows for access to data anytime, without having to maintain a GIS infrastructure, which is ideal for operators with a small GIS department or limited IT budgets.

G2-IS develops custom software to automate repetitive tasks that are part of the user’s frequent workflow. The custom software works directly in ArcGIS Desktop and can be published to ArcGIS Enterprise and made available in Esri web apps, maps, and dashboards. Examples include dynamic segmentation, advanced geoprocessing, ILI data management, and custom reporting and dashboards.

G2-IS Delivers:
  • GIS enterprise management: Planning, architecture definition, and program execution and deployment, including managing internal and external stakeholders.
  • ArcGIS Enterprise hosting: Secure hosted enterprise environment for cost-efficient GIS deployment.
  • Systems integration: Linkage of GIS data to other enterprise data systems, including asset management, work order management, and document management.
  • Outsource management: On premise or off-premise infrastructure management of ESRI solutions.
  • Custom automation and development: Automated workflows to enhance internal processes while unlocking more value out of the GIS platform.
  • DOT and regulatory reporting: Development and submittal of PHMSA, state, and local regulatory documentation, such as PHMSA NPMS submissions and Texas Railroad Commission T-4 permits.