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Gold status platform partnerships with Esri position G2-IS as a trusted provider of strategic services and support tools that help operators assess, optimize, and improve enterprise and decision support systems.

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) helps pipeline operators capture the full potential of their Geographical Information System (GIS), understand how to best use pipeline data effectively, and identify gaps to ensure that pipelines operate safely while maximizing throughput and profits.

All companies strive to maintain safe operations within their increasingly complex pipeline and facility assets. Pipeline operators have the added challenge of efficiently defining GIS processes and systems in compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, along with ever-changing data needs and technology environments. 

Our Approach:

The expert GIS consultants at G2-IS tailor practical solutions to pipeline operators, ensuring that the size of each solution fits the size of the operation and resources available. For large operators, who may not require the purchase of new software, G2-IS can assist with resolving issues inside business processes to transform available operations data into effective and timely field management decisions. For smaller operators, G2-IS consultants have expertise in the implementation of technology and service solutions that can cover the entire GIS process. This includes acting as an outsourced GIS team or hosting the company’s enterprise GIS systems.

G2-IS expertise extends to the design and implementation of pipeline databases using the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) as well as the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) and Utility Pipeline Data Model (UPDM).

G2-IS Delivers:
  • GIS system strategy: Assist in defining needs, design, and, ultimately, the purchase and implementation of a GIS solution.
  • Strategic consulting: Advise on GIS benchmarking, performance improvement analysis within “as-is” processes, gap analysis, and mitigation plans.
  • Advanced configuration: Extend the current functionality for specific geospatial needs.
  • Training: Provide customized end-user software training.