Additional Services:

Delivering results with improved accuracy and efficiency

  • Consistent, reproducible, defendable
  • Reduced processing cycle times
  • Extremely granular understanding of consequence of risk
  • All results stored in a file geodatabase

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) delivers increased Class Location and HCA/MCA segments with a high degree of accuracy for natural gas pipelines in a consistent, reliable, reproducible, and defendable manner.

Regulatory requirements around Class Location studies and High Consequence Area (HCA)/ Moderate Consequence Area (MCA) analysis create complex situations for operators to manage pipeline assets. This affects Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP), integrity management and assessment plans, and protection of the community and environment. Traditional manual methods for sliding mile Class Location and HCA/MCA analysis are extremely time-consuming, and may suffer from inaccuracy and lack of reproducibility.

Our Approach:

G2-IS utilizes the latest proprietary technology, the G2-IS Gas HCA Tool, to provide industry leading natural gas Class Location and HCA/MCA analysis services. The tool enables G2-IS staff to deliver precise Class Location, HCAs/MCAs, and gathering line determinations using the sliding mile algorithm and HCA calculations, using either Class Location results (method 1) or the Potential Impact Radius (PIR) formula (method 2). PIR-based MCA analysis (including road data conditioning) is also part of available services.

G2-IS provides Class Location and HCA/MCA support services, each customizable to individual client needs. This includes:

  • Digitization of existing Identified Sites and structures (Buildings Intended for Human Occupancy or BIHO) using available imagery.
  • Preconditioning of digital road data sources for use in MCA analysis.
  • Creation of electronic field data collection data import template(s).
  • Field survey and verification of structures and Identified Sites.
  • Collaboration with field facilities and the community to gather relevant identified site information.
  • Geocoding of addresses.
  • Performance of Class Location and HCA/MCA analysis as a service.
G2-IS Delivers:

G2-IS delivers geospatial features in a file geodatabase which is easily exported into tabular formats, and readily imported into a GIS database. Main deliverables include:

  • DOT Class Location (clustered and unclustered)
  • Identification of High and/or Moderate Consequence Areas
  • Interim step data in preparation of Class Location and HCA/MCA analysis