G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) helps operators apply practical proven solutions to their specific GIS challenges by:
  • Ensuring the GIS system is the driving force behind data integration across multiple platforms
  • Enabling state-of-the-art data management for easy access and informed decision making for client GIS managers and their stakeholders, from field applications through business management
  • Providing insight and analytics to data that helps drive engineering, asset integrity, and regulatory compliance across an operator’s entire company
  • Delivering a means to tie TVC efforts to the associated assets within the GIS

Does your geospatial information support the safety, compliance, and reliability of your pipeline operations?

Gathering, managing, and analyzing data in a geographical context is no longer a luxury for pipeline operators. A geographic information s ystem (GIS) enables data-driven insights for better decision making.


See how our geospatial systems and services provide complete, traceable and verifiable data.

Learn how G2-IS designs database and services architecture for integrating your GIS system and satisfy all regulatory requirements for integrity management and reporting.