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  • Faster inspections
  • More accurate reporting
  • Advanced analytics
  • Minimized downtime
  • Regulatory and corporate compliance

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) supports oil and gas companies, and other liquids operators, with innovative storage tank inspection and management solutions to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations.

Tank farm and terminal operators are challenged with minimizing downtime while ensuring compliant maintenance of their storage facilities. Many conventional tank inspections may also produce inaccurate or incomplete findings without generating a cost-effective repair plan.

Our Approach:

G2-IS offers a turnkey solution that eliminates multiple points of contact to complete tank maintenance, inspection, and repair.  Utilizing industry leading partners, G2-IS can service tanks faster, while providing higher quality data. From complete maintenance programs to a one-off service operation, the G2-IS streamlined process will get tanks back in service faster than current methods, reducing costly downtime.

The 3D Enhanced Tank Inspection Program helps operators perform required inspections through a mix of traditional inspection practices and use of high-resolution scanners and industry-leading technology. This ensures quicker turnaround times with improved reports and deliverables. By redefining the inspection, engineering, and repair processes and cycle times, operators gain timely insights to optimize their maintenance decisions, reducing the time to get their assets back into operation, while minimizing revenue loss.

G2-IS’ tank management services, which pair high-definition laser scanning with conventional techniques, are designed to:

  • Decrease overall downtime, not just during inspection.
  • Produce more accurate reports, in a timelier manner.
  • Generate highly accurate data for engineering design needs.
  • Improve process and management control of unit operation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Maintain a high level of safety and confidence using experienced inspectors and technological advancements.
  • Deliver quality data and analysis to assist in creating a proper risk assessment while properly identifying those assets that require additional attention.
  • Provide risk-based inspection (RBI) services to potentially extend tank operational time while avoiding revenue disruption.
G2-IS Delivers:

G2-IS field and engineering staff ensure full application of industry standards (API 650/653) for tank management using traditional methods and incorporating industry leading technology. This includes:

  • API 653 In-service and out-of-service inspections
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and SLOFOEC scanning process for thicker or coated tank bottoms
  • Ability to MFL 99% of the critical zone, in most cases
  • High resolution internal and external LIDAR scanning
  • 3D modeling of tank, piping, berms and more
  • Point cloud and imagery fly-through of tank and surrounding environment
  • Access to platform with 3D viewer
  • Floating roof and fixed roof profile and analysis
  • Column plumbness
  • Foundation/edge settlement surveys
  • Shell deformation and verticality
  • Automated ultrasonic crawler
  • Suitability-for-service evaluation
  • Seismic evaluations
  • Primary and secondary seal inspection
  • Coating inspection, including holiday testing
  • Traditional NDE methods: PT, MT, VT, UT, Vacuum box testing
  • Drawing packages include bottom, shell, and roof layout
  • Quality assurance and project oversight on tank repairs and new construction