Additional Services:

Inspection services to ensure safe, compliant and quality pipeline construction projects:

  • Distribution
  • High Pressure
  • Transmission

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) offers a wide range of inspection services to ensure that infrastructure projects are completed safely and efficiently while monitoring performance to meet all quality requirements.

Energy utilities face many challenges during the development and construction of new facilities, according to the high standards they demand as well as the operational and regulatory requirements of customers and the industry at large. These challenges range from the sheer number of projects to be inspected across a wide geographic region to the lack of proper training or certification of their internal staff in charge of those inspections.

Our Approach:

G2-IS has a long history of providing utility inspection services to maintain field assurance and prevent operational issues. No matter what type of inspection to be performed, G2-IS staff works to execute these services to the standards set forth by each utility, city, county, and state, and by customer policies and procedures.

The G2-Is team works in collaboration with client project teams and stakeholders to:

  • Research and review client needs for best inspection program options.
  • Provide properly certified and trained inspectors and supervisors for each project; each follows a rigorous training program to keep their certifications up to date and complete.
  • Issue tailored reports per client and project needs.
  • Deliver database and metrics that easily and accurately show project progress status and execution conditions.
  • Create a GPS collection of installed assets, completed real-time on inspections if required for optimized data collection efforts.
G2-IS Delivers:

G2-IS Field Inspection services bring experienced, flexible, and highly trained personnel to new construction and asset upgrade projects for all utility and pipeline companies. G2-IS staff expertise includes:

  • Certified inspectors to meet a variety of industry needs, including:
    • Certified Welding Inspection (CWI)
    • Certified Pipeline Welding Inspection (CPWI)
    • Utility pipeline and facility inspection
  • Comprehensive inspection services to provide on-site proficiency in:
    • New construction
    • Replacement construction
    • Remediation
    • Environmental, including FERC permits
    • Safety