Additional Services:

Customized data collection solutions ensure complete asset records:

  • Accurate location and mapping
  • No unknown assets
  • Reliable billing
  • Better emergency response plans
  • Verification of locate continuity

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) supports operators with the right tools to identify, gather, and confirm relevant data about existing transmission, distribution, and facility assets to ensure safe and compliant operations.

Regulatory requirements for traceable, verifiable, and complete records have expanded beyond engineering records to include as-built documentation of construction and installation records. Pipeline operators and utility companies are increasingly challenged with locating missing or incomplete asset documentation and mapping which can lead to improper emergency response procedures.

Our Approach:

Using a combination of field surveys and state-of-the-art GPS field data collection, G2-IS is able to quickly and accurately collect data, both above and below ground, to ensure accuracy in asset management. G2-IS staff apply industry standards and best practices tailored to each operator’s unique needs with the following common approach:

  • Review existing maps and documentation.
  • Develop client specific approach based on findings.
  • Establish the G2-IS team based on client needs.

Digital speed and accuracy have replaced the clipboard. Clients can capture and integrate important pipeline data anytime, anywhere, with G2-IS mobile data collection technology. G2-IS data collection solutions utilize a combination of mobile devices, global positioning systems, and cameras to capture GPS locations, digital photographs, and time stamping. The goal is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive record of events.

G2-IS Delivers:

G2-IS implements custom data collection solutions that utilize state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff, including tailored application development and dictionary creation, to deliver:

  • GPS files containing asset points
  • GPS files containing asset lines
  • Full documentation of asset findings