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Optimizing the performance, safety, and reliability of pipeline and facility engineering projects while decreasing operation costs

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) enhances an operator’s engineering and design efforts with seasoned electrical and controls expertise supported by the latest technology tools to maintain optimal performance across pipeline, facility, and storage assets.

Today’s energy industry continues to undergo a major generational shift: affected by a loss of knowledge due to early retirements and downsizing, and the transition to a younger workforce made up of talented but inexperienced professionals. Simultaneously, industry is seeing an exponential growth in technology, driving greater automation and cloud-based applications. While more trust has been placed on software to cover engineering and design needs, a reduced reliance on “lessons learned” may lead to unforeseen consequences and yet a new set of operational challenges.

Our Approach:

Utilizing the latest engineering and design technologies, G2-IS brings experienced human capital to energy projects with an emphasis on producing efficient, safe, and responsive solutions. G2‑IS engineering staff rely on extensive electrical and controls training and office experience, as well as hours of in-the-field expertise and exposure to real-life asset maintenance and operations. The result? A practical, efficient approach to the design process.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Arc flash studies/labeling (NFPA 70e)
  • Control systems/automation design, troubleshooting, upgrades
  • O&M manuals, engineering standards and other design and operations documentation:
G2-IS Delivers:

With expertise in electrical and controls engineering, G2-IS specializes in providing professional facility designs tailored to an operator’s enterprise and supported by experience in similar applications, best practices and standards. Staff experience, including midstream, pipeline and utility operations, covers:

  • Engineering standards development
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Arc flash, short circuit analysis, and breaker coordination
  • Bidding and construction management services
  • P&ID, construction, and as-built drawings
  • Plans, designs, and specifications for the following facilities:
    • Compression and pumping stations
    • Standby, backup, and emergency generation
    • Gathering and production operations
    • Measurement and regulation (M&R) stations
    • SCADA, telemetry, and metering stations