Additional Services:

In addition to drafting and design expertise, G2-IS engineering experts apply an integrated approach combining our GIS, Asset Integrity, and Technology services to provide a comprehensive set of as-built deliverables.

G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) provides informed support to help oil and gas operators research, compile, validate and complete TVC records for all types of transmission and distribution pipelines and energy facilities.    

Energy companies acquiring older assets to extend or upgrade their systems may not have access to critical as-built records. Likewise, those records may be missing or be out of date after years of operational modifications. Having accurate, verifiable pipeline records is an essential requirement for many of today’s state and federal regulations.

Our Approach:

G2-IS works closely with pipeline operators to establish the criteria needed to complete traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC) records. This results in accurate, up to date site as-builts in a digital format. Optimally, all components on site are scanned using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances. The G2-IS engineering team determines the number of scans and location to produce a 3D image that allows for the completion of piping drawings and base P&IDs. While on site, the field team records observed pipe, fittings, and valve data for the bill of materials (BOM).

By leveraging hundreds of years of combined experience in engineering, design, and TVC record validation, the G2-IS team offers a unique perspective when gathering and presenting data in a digital drawing set.

BOMs are produced from client records, field data, and scanned data. The team can also provide UT readings for pipe wall thicknesses. This data may be geo-referenced (geo tags) and presented within a drawing set to produce a TVC record for the site. Another approach to as-built drawings is record construction. Scanning a site while trenches are open establishes location of piping and secondary systems. Scanning before pipes are painted will confirm pipe data that can be geo-referenced, captured in pictures, and tabulated.

The in-house piping team at G2-IS counts on full support from chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, geological and metallurgical experts on staff to help fulfill any of the project requirements.

G2-IS Delivers:

From dedicated records research and field data collection to industry-leading 3D modeling and database creation, G2-IS’ multi-disciplinary teams can assist oil and gas operators and utility companies of all sizes with TVC validation support to meet the demands of today’s complex regulatory environment. Key services include:

  • LiDAR scans
  • 3D piping models
  • As-built AutoCAD drawings
  • P&IDs
  • PFDs
  • BOMs