Dave Veilleux serves as General Manager – Western Region Operations for G2 Integrated Solutions, where he manages all technical resources in the region.  His team is responsible for execution and management of complex, multidisciplinary projects and programs for clients in the Western United Stations.

Dave has over a decade of experience in GIS-centric infrastructure and environmental projects, most recently in the natural gas industry.  His background is in environmental science and hydrology, with previous experiences surrounding numerical groundwater modeling and surface water-groundwater interactions.  Dave has held various positions with G2-IS, starting as a GIS analyst and project manager in 2011, followed by GIS Program Manager and Director of GIS Services.  His experience in asset management in the energy industry starts with GIS, and continues through integrity management, and includes regulatory review and analyses as well.

Mr. Veilleux earned a Bachelors of Science  in Environmental and Resource Science from the University of California, Davis and is a regular speaker at oil and gas conferences across the US on topics concerning the energy industry and GIS.