Andy Dethlefs is the Vice President of Resources and Operations for G2 Integrated Solutions, where he directs and oversees the management of all company resources, ensuring that the company maintains an optimized pool of technical and specialist talent to enable efficient and effective delivery of services to our customers. This responsibility extends to ensuring that project delivery is optimally effective and meets quality, schedule, and budget commitments. Mr. Dethlefs has almost 20 years of experience in technical systems, design, analytics, data visualization, and heavy construction.

During his tenure at G2 Integrated Solutions (previously Frontline Energy Services), Mr. Dethlefs has functioned in a project management capacity on many large-scale gas transmission projects (>$20M) and developed numerous data analysis tools for project, program, and portfolio level initiatives. Internally, he led the development of G2-IS’s data-analytics group and implemented numerous data-information systems within various client workstreams. He also initiated an internal training program for project controls and project management and continues to drive development in engineering services.

Mr. Dethlefs spent several years in the defense and aerospace sectors as a Product Development Engineer, where he was responsible for the design, prototyping, and production readiness of ballistic protection products for military use. He was also engaged in the development of new tooling technologies for optical-grade geostationary-orbit satellites.

Andy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University and returned to complete a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechanical Design. His thesis, which characterized the development of field-based implements for bending helically-wound structures, earned him multiple patents. He also worked heavily in simulation systems using both CFD and FEA software packages.