G2-IS Vision – Delivering Results the Right Way.

We focus on industries that own and operate critical infrastructure, that share increasing levels of regulation, whose assets are often aging, and that are subject to high safety, environmental, and reputational consequences in the event of failure.


G2 Integrated Solutions is dedicated to providing an energizing, engaging workplace while offering ongoing opportunities for personal growth, professional challenges, and career development. Adaptable, responsible, forward-thinking employees are the foundational elements of the organization. We are a team focused on exceeding client expectations with responsive, reliable performance, and predictable outcomes. We intend for G2 Integrated Solutions to remain the employer of choice for our people, and to be a team others want to join.


We emphasize the development and maintenance of strong, enduring customer relationships through the development of best-in-class programmatic lifecycle solutions. We commit to open and transparent lines of communication and to excellence in customer responsiveness. We excel at making complex problems understandable and manageable.


We aim to be recognized for our broad, deep, and innovative technical expertise, as well as our strong ethics, quality work, and exceptional professionals. Agility, creativity, evolving with our customers, and expanding into new markets will fuel our growth and organizational development. G2 Integrated Solutions’ foundation will be scalable and flexible, and we will deliver profitable growth to our shareholders and merit-based recognition for our employees.

G2-IS Values.


  • We are committed to upholding the highest safety standards, with focus on minimizing risk to the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities we work in.
  • Our commitment is reflected in our business strategy objectives, training, social responsibility programs and daily operations.


  • We integrate quality assurance and quality control into our daily work practices, providing confidence that we will consistently and reliably deliver what we promise.
  • We welcome feedback from our customers and our peers, commit to always striving to do better and to looking for opportunities to continually improve as a business and as individuals.


  • We are passionate about the value and solutions we offer our customers.
  • We take accountability and are open, trustworthy, and operate with no surprises.
  • We are leaders at every level getting excited to create great results, making a positive contribution, and achieving positive impacts.


  • We believe superior outcomes are achieved through working together with a shared purpose, and recognize the contribution each person can bring to our team.
  • We are committed to the belief that teams deliver better results than individuals by becoming engaged and involved.
  • We provide positive customer experiences and cultivate loyal partnerships.


  • We are complex problem solvers with active responsiveness to our customer’s needs.
  • What firmly believe that we do makes a difference and consistently innovate by embracing change.
  • We have the energy and endurance to make positive impacts.


  • We use imagination and initiative to derive greater value in the solutions we offer our customers.
  • We encourage the generation of new ideas that can be converted into creative and unique service delivery.