Geoff Morgan

Geoff Morgan serves as Senior Vice President, PG&E Account Manager for G2 Integrated Solutions. With over 30 years of successful leadership and management experience in revenue generation, growth, team leadership, and increased corporate value, Geoff leads a team of over 200 in a collective effort to provide turnkey solutions for utility companies.

Geoff’s role is focused on leading the G2 team in managing all operational activities, providing big-picture solutions to day-to-day issues from production to executive. He is responsible for multi-million dollar budgets as Principal Technical Consultant, where he leads the execution and delivery of key projects – including Crossbore and Aerial Patrol. Geoff establishes project control and management methodologies, benchmarking, research criteria, QC standards, software development, and governance of each project he leads. Key attributes include evolving concept methods for new program establishment, process management, lead development of custom tools and dashboards, and improved process automation solutions. Geoff manages all staff required to execute client-focused tasks including financial analysis, project management, engineering, GIS mapping, construction coordination, inspection services, custom IT product development, and client presentations of projects valuing up to $90 million. He manages all aspects of team building, hiring of new staff, training on client culture, and improving workflow of the team for client benefit. Geoff works with his corporate management team to build functional business plans, financial models, and infrastructure to support growth and public communications.

Geoff’s dedication to high-level results is partly derived from spending six years in the Navy as an Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator. He stays committed and motivated through adversity and encourages his team to strive for the same.