Eric Cowan

Eric Cowan serves as Vice President, P&L Southwest for G2 Integrated Solutions. He has almost 20 years of experience in the natural gas and electric utilities.

Eric joined the G2-IS team in 2003 and his first project was the GPS collection of over 6 million feet of existing underground gas facilities across Arizona. During this time Eric worked with other gas companies across the west coast to create GPS As-Builting programs that collected data while the facilities were still open. Unfortunately, at that time the GPS collection was ahead of most of the utilities mapping systems and the collected data was not easily used. One of the original employees at G2-IS, Eric has worn many hats throughout the last 12 years, including construction management, system design, surveying/GPS collection and field services. One of Eric’s main responsibilities currently is managing the construction inspection team that ranges from CWI/CPWI steel inspectors on high pressure facilities and stations to a more standard utility inspector that work with new construction and replacement of aging facilities.

Eric went to school for Architectural and Mechanical drafting and started his career as a drafter/designer for a local cable company. Once he finished this schooling, he began working for the local natural gas company as an engineering technician. For five years he was responsible for design and As-Builting of several new city and town build outs. As the build outs were finishing, Eric began working on the GIS migration and was a key employee in migrating from a paper/CAD-based mapping system to a full-blown GIS system in GE Smallworld.

Eric is currently getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business to help better his understanding of day-to-day business practices. During his free time, Eric runs a youth football league and coaches his youngest son’s team.