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Know which assets have the greatest potential impact in pipeline operations to:

  • Ensure prioritization of resources and budgets in the right areas
  • Identify appropriate mitigation and prevention measures with confidence
  • Effectively plan and budget maintenance activities
  • Confidently meet regulatory compliance requirements and drive safety

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) provides integrity risk management services – from basic qualitative risk programs to fully quantified ones – in support of safe, reliable, and cost-effective ongoing operations.

Poor evaluation of risks and pipeline system threats can lead to ineffective integrity management programs. This may leave pipelines exposed to unnecessary service interruption and potential failure, causing damage to the environment, major injury and loss of life to both workers and the public, as well as severe financial and reputational liabilities.

Our Approach:

Pipeline incidents have not been trending down in recent times. At the same time, new regulatory and industry practices continue to roll out, so that understanding all the data (availability, quantity, and accuracy) can be a challenge to effective integrity risk management.

Effective, strategic decision-making should be based on a complete understanding of identified threats. G2-IS applies a process-based approach to risk assessment and risk management which supports the successful implementation of a comprehensive risk management program. Recommended steps involve:

  • Defining the scope: Identification of the facility, the pipeline, pipeline segments, and/or components (dynamic segmentation utilized to identify discrete segments).
  • Threat identification: Determination of credible threats that could impact the operation of the pipeline system or facility.
  • Risk assessment: Quantitative assessment of risk by combining the probability of failure and the consequence of failure.
    • Probability/likelihood of failure determination: Utilizing an open risk engine, G2-IS can perform qualitative, semi-quantitative, or quantitative assessments supported with subject matter expertise to determine the likelihood of an event.
    • Consequence of failure: Considering health and safety, environmental, and financial impacts, G2-IS can determine the consequences of a failure.
  • Preventive and mitigative (P&M) measures: Identification of appropriate P&M measures to reduce overall risk and to a level acceptable for the operation.
  • Program performance measures: Periodic review and update of program effectiveness through a continual improvement process.
G2-IS Delivers:

Through a collaborative effort with the operator, G2-IS will ensure that a robust, compliant, and effective integrity risk management program is defined and maintained utilizing subject matter expertise within G2-IS for:

  • Risk Management Programs: Focused and prioritized to ensure continued safe, reliable, and cost-effective operations.
  • Risk Assessment: Quantitative calculation of risk for all pipeline segments.
  • Decision Support Tools: Concise set of data viewing and analytical tools to support risk management decisions, budget and resource allocation, and quantifying the impact of implementing a risk mitigation plan.
  • Integrity Work Optimization Tools: Advanced analytical services to support the optimization of inspection, repairs, and P&M measures in the context of risk management and regulatory compliance.