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Applying expert skills across numerous disciplines to empower operators with:

  • Knowledge of a pipeline system of sound mechanical integrity
  • A pipeline being maintained to industry and regulatory requirements and standards
  • An integrity program that realizes the maximum value of the asset
  • Access to pipeline integrity management expertise

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) provides a comprehensive asset integrity management support to help operators maintain and operate their assets in a compliant and cost-effective optimized manner, while realizing the asset’s maximum potential through decreased downtime, improved reliability, and increasing asset lifespan without compromising safety.

The development, implementation, and management of an effective and compliant integrity management program (IMP) is critical to effectively manage safety, environmental hazards, and business risks in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

It is often not operationally feasible or cost effective, particularly for small pipeline operators, to manage these assets given the broad range of expertise required.

A non-compliant, poorly developed and managed integrity management program could have a significant impact on the business due to interruptions in production (downtime), fines and penalties for non-compliance, or a catastrophic effect if an explosion or fire occurs or a hazardous content is released.

Our Approach:

G2-IS has the experience and resources to generate custom Integrity Management Programs that match the risk profile of the asset. Once in place, on-going processes and procedures keep the IMP ever green with feedback loops to support integrity program status and provide continuous improvement loops. For more mature organizations, G2-IS develops integrity program health assessments to review the overall program, identify gaps, and assist in generating strategic improvement plans, along with cost and schedule for implementation.

Utilizing in-house expertise and experience, G2-IS collaborates with clients to develop an optimized integrity management program that is both cost effective and efficient, fit-for-purpose, and meets regulatory requirements while demonstrating the integrity of the pipeline.

G2-IS Delivers:

Through a collaborative effort with the operator, G2-IS will ensure a robust, compliant and effective integrity management program is managed and maintained utilizing the subject matter expertise within G2-IS for:

  • IMP Development & Implementation: Create IM plans and programs tailored to the operator’s specific needs and demands.
  • IMP Execution & Management: Execute the clients IMP in a safe, reliable, and compliant manner through G2-IS’s Integrated Pipeline Management solution.
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management: Assist in developing the most efficient and effective risk mitigation plans by applying G2-IS’s own risk tool or utilizing the client’s existing program.
  • Preventative & Mitigative Measures: Facilitate the most cost appropriate P&M measures leveraging G2-IS’s experience with many clients.
  • Gap Analysis: Help clients with the ever-evolving regulatory environment with G2-IS’s subject knowledge expertise.
  • Program Audit Support: Prepare operators to successfully navigate and complete program audits including annual reviews of IM, O&M, and OQ.