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Applying expert skills across numerous disciplines to empower operators with:

  • Knowledge of a pipeline system of sound mechanical integrity
  • A pipeline being maintained to industry and regulatory requirements and standards
  • An integrity program that realizes the maximum value of the asset
  • Potential to outsource the inspection program management allowing the operator to focus resources on ‘other’ business activities
  • Optimized budgeting and planning

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G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) provides a cost-effective and optimized inspection management program to determine the mechanical integrity of a pipeline.

Managing an inspection program can be challenging, given the different technologies available to meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, and the vast array of costs and operational implications of different inspection methods.  

Failing to properly implement a rigorous inspection program can lead to pipeline failure or leakage, with a potentially significant impact on business due to interruptions in production as well as catastrophic effects in the event of an explosion, a fire, or a hazardous fluid release.

Our Approach:

G2-IS can manage and turnkey the entire inspection program process through tool selection, vendor selection and management, field and data verification and validation, excavation management, and analysis of results including fitness-for-service assessments, corrosion growth rate calculations and re-inspection intervals.

The scale and complexity of a pipeline system can vary greatly; therefore, G2-IS experts will address different considerations as part of the inspection program, such as:

  • Potentially significant costs related to the type of inspection required.
  • Appropriateness of various inspection techniques that can be selected.
  • Other challenging factors in establishing a mechanical integrity strategy for pipelines, including downtime, regulatory requirements, in-house knowledge and expertise, and contractual (delivery) agreements.

Utilizing in-house expertise and experience, G2-IS will develop an optimized inspection management program that’s cost effective and efficient, fit-for-purpose, and meets regulatory requirements, all while determining the integrity of the pipeline.

G2-IS Delivers:

Through a collaborative effort with the operator, G2-IS will ensure that a robust, compliant, and effective inspection program is defined and maintained. G2-IS offers subject matter expertise in the following areas:

  • In-line inspection (ILI): Experience and expertise in ILI management including pigging, data analysis, verification and data validation
  • Direct assessment (ECDA, ICDA, SCCDA): Insight and know-how to optimize and efficiently implement and manage DA programs
  • Hydrotest: Knowledge and understanding of the design and execution of hydrotests/pressure tests for pipeline assets