Unconventional pipeline operators need to ensure cost-efficient safety and compliance management... IPM can help


With ever-evolving pipeline integrity management regulations encompassing more pipelines such as those covered under moderate consequence areas there is a greater need for operators to be aware of their responsibility to implement and manage integrity management programs that allow for continued safe, reliable and compliant operations.

Many small oil and gas pipeline operators as well as distributors/manufacturers (chemical, petrochemical) and transportation providers (airport jet fuel operators) own one or more pipelines to support their primary business. Yet it is often not operationally feasible or cost effective to manage these assets given the broad range of expertise required. This includes operations, regulatory, asset integrity and geospatial tasks.

In some cases, these unconventional operators are not even aware they have a pipeline that falls under state and federal regulations – a scary thought as these lines carry hazardous materials that if not contained within a safe environment could pose a significant safety concern to the public and to workers. Poorly maintained and managed pipelines could also cause potential damage to the environment as well as business and reputational impacts!

Recognizing that many small and unconventional operators may not have the resources or internal knowledge to implement and manage such a program, outsourcing these activities to a competent service provider should be considered. In turn, this would enable an operator to:

  • Focus on its core-business
  • Minimize overhead
  • Optimize O&M budgets
  • Maximize uptime
  • Operate in a safe, reliable and compliant manner
  • Constant access to pipeline management expertise
  • Realize the full potential of their assets


One solution is an Integrated Pipeline Management (IPM) offering that brings together all the necessary skillsets to implement and manage an operator’s pipeline integrity management program.

Our next blog post will detail the elements of each of these disciplines that make for a successful compliant and cost-effective solution.