American Gas Association Issues Guidelines to the Natural Gas Industry


The American Gas Association (AGA) has issued guidelines to assist natural gas operators in the achievement of risk management excellence as part of AGA’s overall goal of a membership-wide adoption of API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System. These guidelines are intended to aid natural gas operators in the identification, analysis, and assessment of risk and provide direction as to how those results feed into a decision framework for determining risk reduction measures. The guidelines not only present directives on how to apply risk management to the natural gas industry, but are also a tool for producing sound judgement and advancing good practice.

This guide was prepared by the AGA Operations Section Safety and Occupational Health Committee and the Technical Guidance Subcommittee and G2 Integrated Solutions is excited to have participated in the development. AGA has made the announcement of the availability of these guidelines in the Operations and Engineering eNewsletter, issued October 16, 2019 “Guide to Applying Process Safety Risk Management to the Natural Gas Industry”.