Three Reasons Why a Strong PSMS Helps to Build the Foundation for a Positive Safety Culture



A pipeline safety management system (PSMS) can improve consistent expectations, verify understanding of requirements, meet legal requirements and assist in overall planning.  With successful implementation, companies may benefit from an improved awareness of overall processes and the available barriers to minimize the risk of process safety events.  These benefits, however, are only seen to their fullest IF the safety culture fully supports its implementation and effective utilization.

Safety culture is the common practices, shared attitudes and perceptions that influence our behavioral choices; it’s what we do when no one is looking.

Culture includes the BELIEFS that drive our BEHAVIORS, which in turn, drive OUTCOMES.  It is created by people, based on their BELIEFS.

Culture can either support what your organization is doing in terms of safety management systems or it can completely hinder your success.

Although the existence of a PSMS does not guarantee a positive safety culture, a strong PSMS can assist in building the foundation for a positive safety culture.

• Company culture is created and fostered by management through their words and actions. Does management ‘walk the talk’?

• Prioritizing ongoing safety training for all levels creates awareness and knowledge.

• Systematically and continually evaluating progress is a key to continual improvement.

Let G2 Integrated Solutions move you beyond regulatory compliance and evaluate the people, systems and processes to build and continually improve upon a positive, strong safety culture.  G2’s Safety Culture Assessment allows us to obtain a current snapshot of your PSMS and safety perceptions.  Our assessment is used as a tool to measure or establish a baseline of the safety culture and subsequently monitor its change.  With our experience, we can assist your organization in identifying critical findings that have the greatest transformational impact on building a safety culture to align to wherever you are in implementing your PSMS.