Why a Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS) is Not Enough to Keep You Safe



You can write policies and procedures for every scenario in your company, hold countless well intentioned safety meetings, meticulously prepare and pass safety audits, but are you moving beyond those policies and procedures, meetings and audits to truly assess and address safety?

How does management demonstrate they are truly committed to safety? 

How is employee engagement measured? 

Are the right people with the right safety values hired, oriented and trained? 

What systems and processes are in place to support safe work and how is their effectiveness measured?   

If you have a Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS) to outline policies and procedures for managing safety, you may also be wondering why you should evaluate safety culture.  

Quite simply, a positive safety culture can exist without a formal PSMS, but an effective PSMS CANNOT exist without a positive safety culture.  A safety culture moves beyond regulatory compliance and embodies the beliefs behind the behaviors that drive the outcomes.

Safety culture is the foundation for your safety success and it is never too late to address it.  G2 Integrated Solutions can assist you in the first steps of moving forward by assessing your company’s safety culture.  Through this assessment, strengths and opportunities will be identified as the basis for enhancing your PSMS, systems and processes and an action plan will be created that focuses on your company’s continuous improvement towards safety success.