Software Tools
For Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

G2 Integrated Solutions can design, implement and support your enterprise GIS or you can elect to purchase and implement our GIS software tools yourself. Both approaches will provide you with effective data governance.

We have expertise in all aspects of pipeline operation, from engineering to regulatory to GIS. The integration of these disciplines with our technology services offering allows us to innovatively use technology to solve our customers’ most challenging problems.

G2-IS delivers…
  • State-of-the-art use of technology to improve systems, processes and services
  • Software development, maintenance and consulting services for effective and efficient GIS and database management
  • Commercial and custom software solutions that can help you address all data requirements throughout the lifecycle of the pipeline value chain
  • Access to selected G2-IS software tools through commercial licensing agreements
  • A comprehensive software product offering including:
    1. Pipeline Operations Platform
      Extends the Esri® Platform to empower users to build and integrate a fully-functional pipeline management solution
    2. Data Maintenance Tools (PDMT)
      Build, edit, manage and deploy a Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS™) Relational™, PODS for Esri® Spatial or ArcGIS® Pipeline Data Model (APDM™) database

      • Esri® ArcMap Extensions
        • Data Loader
          Bulk load centerline and event data from external sources
        • Line Maintenance
          Perform complex centerline maintenance operations on a pipeline system
        • Event Maintenance
          Create and manage key pipeline features in a geodatabase
        • Control Point Editor
          Create and manage pipeline control point features in a geodatabase
        • APDM™ Explorer
          Navigate and explore pipeline data stored in a database
      • Data Calibrator™
        Calibrate non-stationed pipeline inline inspection and above ground survey data to a GIS pipeline centerline
      • ArcToolbox™
        Automates the loading of data into APDM™ or PODS Esri Spatial™ geodatabases and provides configurable access to PDMT tools to build data management workflows

        • DMT Data Loader ArcToolbox
          Bulk load control points, events and objects and populate relationship classes
        • PDMT Line Maintenance ArcToolbox (Coming Soon)
          Perform complex maintenance operations on a pipeline centerline
    3. Reporting and Analysis Tools
      Supports standard industry models while offering totally customizable data

      • TurboRoute™
        Generate alignment sheets using pipeline GIS implementations
      • Gas HCA™
        Perform key analyses of both transmission and regulated gathering pipelines
      • Liquid HCA
        • Eagle’s PROFHT™ (Pipeline Release, Overland Flow and Hydrographic Transport)
          Analyze liquid product release trajectories and determine potential impacts to High Consequence Areas (HCAs)
        • EFRD™ Placement Tool (Emergency Flow Restriction Device)
          Model and evaluate existing emergency flow restriction devices and identify potential new locations
      • GeoProcessing Toolkit™ (GPT)
        Design and run complex tasks and upload data to APDM™, PODS™ or non-standard geo-based data models
      • EaglePy™
        Enables advanced linear referencing and complex dynamic segmentation
      • EaglePy QC™
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